What We Did Last Summer

Happy autumn from the Simperium team! Over the last few months we’ve been hard at work improving the service. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Performance improvements

We started looking into ways to improve performance in the Simperium architecture after we’d experienced a few hiccups earlier in the summer. We temporarily suspended new registrations to allow us to focus on making improvements while still supporting the current apps on the platform. Now, after we’ve fixed some limits in the database system, things are running very efficiently — in fact, sync is faster than ever before!

New plans

We’ve adjusted our plan tiers — they’re now based on the amount of requests an app has made, not on the number of app users. We believe these new plans will provide a better value for app developers, and help us build a bright, sustainable future for Simperium. Check out the pricing page for more info.

We’re ready for your apps!

Now’s a better time than ever to get your apps on Simperium. Registration for new developers has reopened. If you’re new to the platform, try out Simplenote on your favorite devices to see Simperium in action. To date, Simplenote has made over 17 billionĀ requests on Simperium!

If you’re ready to dig deeper into how Simperium works, check out our Simpletodo tutorials.

Let’s keep in touch

Have any questions about Simperium? We’re always here to help.

Happy Syncing!
— The Simperium Team