Our pricing and open source strategy

It’s been a month since we launched our beta. Over 1300 developers have signed up to move data with Simperium, and we’re working hard to help you release live apps to production.

We spoke to a lot of you over the past few weeks. We know trust is key. You can’t commit to a service without knowing how it sustains itself, or what will happen if it goes away. With that in mind, we’re announcing pricing today together with our open source strategy.


The Basic Plan is free and gives you access to all features for development and prototyping, and up to 2,500 active users per month for production.

Beyond that, a Pro Plan supports 2,501 to 75,000 active monthly users for $99 to $1499 per month. For those with more than 75,000 active monthly users, or if your needs don’t map well to active users, a Premium Plan is available with volume discounts and custom pricing.

All plans include everything you need to move structured data across mobile, web, and your backend services, including persistence, versioning, firehose access, and conflict resolution on our hosted servers. Support for large binary data (like images and audio) is coming later.

Open source

Sometimes a hosted solution isn’t appropriate. Or perhaps you need maximum confidence and control. To that end, we’re open sourcing Simperium starting with our client libraries, and followed by our protocol with a reference server implementation.

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback. We really appreciate it.